Our next On-Ramp begins Tuesday, November 5th!

Contact Coach Ali at info@kvcrossfit.com or sign up here!

Come check out our NEW LOCATION!!! We are in the Hathaway Creative Center at 10 Water St, Suite 119, Waterville!

KV CrossFit in Waterville, is smart training.

There is no nonsense involved. No matter what your fitness background or current physical ability you will be challenged to get stronger and more fit at KV CrossFit in Waterville, Maine. We are not just your typical gym. Along the way you will be embraced in an amazing community, benefit from different perspectives, and be held accountable for doing the work necessary to reach your goals. Plus, it is FUN. If your goals are to be the best possible version of you, there is no better place to make that happen.

Surround yourself with people who will help you become the person you WANT to be!

YOU are worth it.

 KV CrossFit ~ Train for Life

No better time to join than now! Call or e-mail Ali today!

(207)619-0399                                                 info@kvcrossfit.com

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incredible photos of the KV crew representing!