Our Coaches

Ali McLaughlin – Owner


Owner, Ali McLaughlin has been involved in CrossFit for over five years now. Her coaching experience started in 2014. She has been active her whole life and found CrossFit to be a life changing experience. Since day one, Ali has learned that nothing is impossible if you work for it. No goal is unreachable, no skill is unteachable. “I feel at home when I’m surrounded by my CrossFit community. I have never felt so fortunate. To have the opportunity to be a part of these incredible people’s fitness journeys is beyond my wildest dreams. I love what I do, and couldn’t do it without you guys.”

Anatomy Certificate
Scaling Certificate
Judges Certificate


Mike Morang


I started CrossFit in late 2016. Up until this point I was not very active, worked a desk job sitting almost all day everyday. I was a father of 4 and made excuses all the time that I never had time for the gym or any kind of fitness. It was my wife that took the leap into CrossFit and I was reluctant to try it. I completed my on ramp and refused to come back to CrossFit. I slowly started coming to classes and found a community like non other. After a few years I have adopted the methodology of CrossFit in my fitness training and how I eat and how I let my kids eat. I have successfully become a finisher in 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, and Rucks of many distances. Along with this I have done several competitions around the State and lost 100#s in the process. I’m a social worker, father of 4, CF-L1 coach. I train for life and love the impact that this place has had on my life.

BS in Sociology
CPR/first aid certified


Sam McClean


Coach Sam is a SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator who teaches nutrition education through a local hospital with a passion for helping families eat nutritious food and building community gardens. He is currently studying at the University of New England to obtain his Masters in Public Health, which he intends to utilize to do more of the same and integrate his love for being active, getting outdoors, and eating well into every part of his life. He started at KV CrossFit in December of 2017 and has loved every minute of this amazing sport which he considers both more fun and more challenging than anything he has ever tried before. CrossFit brought Sam back to a joy for fitness that he has lost in the mundane gym environments he had experienced in adulthood and the community, camaraderie, and constantly varied aspects of it create the exact environment he had been unknowingly looking for in his journey toward greater health all along. “Honestly, I keep coming back to CrossFit because it is so much fun! But not only do I enjoy myself, I am stronger than I have ever been and even ran my first marathon this year at 31 in between CrossFit competitions with the KV crew.”

MPH Student at University of New England
Bachelors in Public Health at Oregon State University 
CPR/First Aid Certified

Caleb Ginn

Caleb Ginn - Coach

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Jake Gerard


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Janet Morang


Coach Janet’s Crossfit journey began in the summer of 2016, when she decided that it was time to take her self-care more seriously and to set a better example for her 4 young children. Over the past 3 years, she has lost over 70 pounds and discovered a passion for weightlifting. It was this passion that lead to competing in Strongman where she has earned awards including: 1st Place Central Maine Strongman HW Novice Female 2018, and 3rd Place Maine’s Strongest Woman 2018. In 2019, Janet decided to pursue her CFL1 Coaching Certification and pay-it-forward to the Crossfit community by helping others along their journey. In early 2020, she will also be pursuing her CrossFit Kids Coaching Certification. When not training, Janet can be found working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, spending time with her family, hiking, rucking, or volunteering with The Summit Project.

Judges Certification



Kevin McCarthy



Kevin has been doing CrossFit for 4 years now and earned his Level 1 in December of 2014. His career as an athlete began when he was 4 years old when he began playing soccer for a local rec league. He continued on playing soccer, basketball, and lacrosse until high school where he shifted his focus to playing soccer year round. Having played in college and at the PDL level, Kevin has experience with multiple coaches, and training methods in strength and fitness. Kevin began CrossFit in 2013 and immediately developed a love for fitness and the desire to learn more. Kevin is currently earning his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and is planning on getting a Masters degree in the same field. “I love coaching. I love it almost as much as competing. Seeing someone you coach progress or hit a PR, is just as gratifying as doing it yourself. Helping people improve their fitness and quality of life is something I hope to do for the rest of my life.”

Bachelors in Exercise Science